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Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 5:30 min

Performance,Choreograph: Kerry Huang

Art director: Reiko Moreau 


Mapping performance "LINGO"

How can we exist in the space?

One apple suggest  me this question, then I struggle to find a vanishing point from an apple.




The sun also rises  Trailer 

Art director / Stage set and Costume design / Video creator: Reiko Moreau

Choreographer: Roman Berry 

Music : Broken Shoulder

Lighting designer: Kerry Huang

Performer: Emily Down

                   Hayley Kerr 

                   Sarah Young  

                   Raymond Sweetman





Year of production: 2015

Central Saint Martins PDP MA degree show

The studio theatre


Video mapping physical piece exploring transformative space included Asian and Western theatre. A theatrical visual journey through the past, present and further …

↓↓Full performance:  25 min



Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 50 min

Production: Casual sisters (CSM Performance design and practice MA) 

Teatro de Juan Bernabe, Lebrija

International members such as dance Performer, musician, sound designer, video creator, architect, scenographer, costume designer, make up artist, visual artist. We created the OLAS while collaborated with local performers at Jerez  de la Frontera, Spain in Feb- May 2014.







Year of production: 28th Jan-1st Feb, 2015

Production: Dutch Courage Productions

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, London


Written and Performed: Jung Sun den Hollander

Director: Katie Merritt

Lighting Designer: Max Valentin

Sound Designer: Melodie Mike Ng 

Stage set design and Props: Reiko Moreau 

Producer: Michelle Lee, Naoko Masugi 


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