Reiko is a scenographer currently based in Germany. She studied glass art and textile art in Japan, and theatre performance design in the UK. She designs theatre sets and makes props.

2015            Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design,  Performance design and practice MA

2003          Okayama Prefectural University / Craft and Industrial design course, Textil art  MA
2001           Kurashiki University of Science and The Art / Craft course, Glass craft BA  



                                  Theatre works


2018           Multitudes / Presented by Questors / Directed by Sukhi Kainth, Written by John Hollingworth / The Questors Theatre / Set  Design


                     Rabbit Hole / Presented by Questors / Directed by Francesca Mclnally, Written by David Lindsay-Abaire / The Questors Theatre                                      Set Design


                     HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018 / Organized by Cross Media / Olympia, London / Photobooth design    


                     Little Did I Know / Top 3 Bread and Roses Playwriting Award / Directed by Roman Berry, Written by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

                     The Bread & Roses Theatre / Set & Costume Design


2017            HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2017 / Organized by Cross Media / Tobacco Dock, London / Photobooth design


                     It Tastes Like Home / Presented by Divergent Theatre Collective / Directed by Roman Berry, Written by Lorna Wells

                     Composed by Eudora Qiao / The Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham Fringe / Set & Costume Design


                     Reflections in Swan Lake / Presented by YMT / Directed by Rachel Birch-Lawson, Composed by James Keans, Libretto by Polly Wiseman

                     Design by Sophie Barlow / Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells / Set & Costume Design assistant


                     AISHA / Presented by AILIA / Directed & Written by AJ / Hen and Chickens Theatre / Set design          


                     Holding the man  / Presented by Big Boots Theatre Company / Directed by Sebastian Palka, Written by Tommy Murphy   

                     The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre / Set design, Prop


2016            It tastes like home  / Produces by Goldsmith MA Musical theatre / Directed by Roman Berry, Written by Lorna Wells

                     Composed by Yutong Qiao / Tristan Bates Theatre / Set design


                     Nuns  / Perform & Give / Directed by Edwina Strobi  / Etcetera Theatre Camden / Camden fringe festival / Set design


2015            The Sun also Rises  / MA Performance design and practice degree show / Art Director Reiko Moreau, Choreography by Roman Berry 

                      The Studio Theatre at Central Saint Martins / Concept, Set design, Video creator, Costume, Prop making


                     Dokei / Dutch courage productions / Directed by Katie Merritt, Written and performed by Jung Sun den Hollander / The Lion and Unicorn                      Theatre / Set design, Prop making 


2014            Romeo and Juliet  /  East London Shakespeare Company / Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre / Set design 


                      OVERTURE : A festival of short musicals / Produces by Goldsmith MA Musical theatre / Tristan Bates Theatre / Set design

                       Murder in white chapel  / Directed by Emma Butler                      

                       Disappearing wonderful  / Directed by Tom Drayton

                       An act of kindness  / Directed by Kevin Russell


                      Metamorphosing / Directed by Iddo Gruengard / Camden people's theatre / Set design assistant, Prop making


2009           Keroro Gunso exhibition /  Kanagawa / Keroro room design


2008           Barefoot in the park / Written  by Neal Simon / Blueberry pie family / Theatre  IWATO, Tokyo / Set design


2007            Lost in Yonkers /  Written by Neal Simon / Blueberry pie family / The pocket Nakano, Tokyo / Set design


2004-2009    HORIO Stage set design and property company / Tokyo, Japan  /  Design assistant, Prop maker