2017            Holding the man  / Presented by Big Boots Theatre Company / Directed by Sebastian Palka, Written by Tommy Murphy   

                     The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre / Set design, Prop


2016            It tastes like home  / Produces by Goldsmith MA Musicl theatre / Directed by Roman Berry, Written by Lorna Wells, Composed by Yutong Qiao                          Tristan Bates Theatre / Set design


                     Nuns  / Perform & Give / Directed by Edwina Strobi  / Etcetera Theatre Camden / Camden fringe festival / Set design


2015            The Sun also Rises  / MA Performance design and practice degree show / Art Director Reiko Moreau,  Choreography by Roman Berry

                     The Stidio Theatre at Central Saint Martins / Concept, Set design, Video creator, Costume, Prop making


                     Dokei / Dutch courage productions / Directed by Katie Merritt, Written and performed by Jung Sun den Hollander / The Lion and Unicorn Theatre                        Set design, Prop making 


2014            Romeo and Juliet  /  East London Shakespeare Company / Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre / Set design


                      OVERTURE : A festival of short musicals / Produces by Goldsmith MA Musicl theatre / Tristan Bates Theatre / Set design

                       Murder in white chapel  / Directed by Emma Butler                     

                       Disappearing wonderful  / Directed by Tom Drayton

                       An act of kindness  / Directed by Kevin Russell


                      Metamorphosing / Directed by Iddo Gruengard / Camden people's theatre / Set design assistant, Prop making


2009           Keroro sergrment exhibition /  Kanagawa / Keroro room design


2008           Barefoot in the park / written  by Neal Simon / Blueberry pie family / Theatre  IWATO, Tokyo / Set design


2007            Lost in Yonkers /  Written by Neal Simon / Blueberry pie family / The pocket Nakano, Tokyo / Set design


2004-2009    HORIO Stage set design and property company / Tokyo, Japan  /  Design assistant, Prop making

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